Xuan & Muho on Yoga & Zen

Yoga & Zen in Osaka castle park

Xuan & Muho talk on yoga and zazen

Zazen in the park

Xuan and Muho on Yoga and Zen (Part 3)

Muho on Zen practice, satori and the translation of "To You" by Kodo Sawaki

Yoga & Zazen in Osaka castle park

Xuan and Muho on Yoga and Zen (Part 2)

About life in Sogenji, a Rinzai Zen monastery in Okayama, where Xuan first experienced zazen: (1) https://youtu.be/3FwGd8dSBp4 (2) https://youtu.be/akcGlShaklA (3) https://youtu.be/St-Qn3TvLxQ (4) https://youtu.be/ul_Ud2zOYMY (5) https://y…

Yoga and zazen, Xuan and Muho, theory and practice

Xuan’s videos from Antaiji and Osaka castle park: Xuan teaches Yoga online: https://xuan.yoga/

Yoga & Zazen @ Osaka castle park

Yoga & Zazen in the morning sun

Yoga & Zazen

Autumn zazen in Osaka

Triangular Zen

First cold autumn morning this year

Xuan teaches Yoga online: https://xuan.yoga/

Home aLLone

The best book you will ever read: To You - Zen sayings of Kodo Sawaki!

More infos about the book from the publishers at Hohm Press: https://www.hohmpress.com/collections/new-releases-1/products/to-you An article with pictures and some of the quotes at Tricycle: 17 frank pieces of life advice from a Zen master…

Sitting on a hot autumn day

Sitting in early autumn


45 minutes in the park

Sitting in the rain

Let's go find Muho!

Sitting in the park in the tropical heat of late August

Sitting Zen and doing Yoga, vertical and horizontal in the park

Rainy Sunday: Sitting alone in my room

Yoga & zaezn in Osaka's summer heat

Xuan Yoga channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC18kjt2kGW0eDH9x5_PiOJg Xuan's Website: https://xuan.yoga

Yoga & Zazen on a soupy Sunday

Yoga and zazen under the summer sky of Osaka

Starting from next Sunday (6:30am Japanese time), the weekly "Yoga & Zazen" session will be livestreamed from Osaka castle park not from this account, but directly from Xuan's account at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC18kjt2kGW0eDH9x5_P…

Yoga, zazen and cicadas in the park

Xuan teaches yoga at https://xuan.yoga